WL’s Welfare Pack

It is WLXQ’s Wednesday Date again. 

I have been thinking when will be the best time to give the bf his welfare pack for his one-month oversea working trip. If I give it to him next month, he would have bought all the necessities and probably have it all packed into the luggage. So I decided to give him a month before. 

Jot down a list of items that I wanted to buy but cos I didn’t have time to roam around, I have only managed to get this few items: Tada! 😄 I have no idea why the bf hashtag a wlxqwednesdaydate when this welfare pack is not an essence of it. 

The bf went to queue for the fish soup for our lunch *slurp* The famous one from amoy market! 

The fierce aunty that serves good fish soup with very thick slices of fresh fish in it ☺️ We had our lunch beside a koi pond before heading to tsujiri for matcha softserve! I have been pretty conscious with my food intake because of the weight I gained over the weekend’s buffet. Without having the time to exercise, I only can rely on eating lesser. 

My friend was telling me how his friend put on more weight from dieting. And I acknowledged that cos’ it happen to me as well. 

Remembering the days I went on extreme diet and lost weight really fast. But when I decided to start eating nornally again, I put on weight so fast and it is quite depressing. 

Well, I still do eat nowadays, just lesser. Will just stick to two full meals and 1 less full. 


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