I was typing the section on managing change for an assignment. But now I wanted to pen down a conversation between WL and I about change. 

I was telling him that he needs to exercise to keep fit. Exercise to lose weight. Exercise to make the tummy smaller. Exercise to make his shoulder broader. 

He said: You are forcing me to exercise.

Yes, I am forcing him to exercise. 

Then the question came in defence: You want me to change so much, then what are you going to change? 


I am asking him to keep fit and stay healthy, for himself, for me and for the future. And the message that he received is that I wanted him to change and so I need to change as well? 

Am I so so so wrong to want him to be fit and healthy? How come it seems like it. 


About change and about me. I feel that my love language changed slightly. I am still a words of affirmation kinda person. Something which I rarely get. 

And next in line was quality time. Was. 

As I get so so so busy with my school assignments that I can hardly breathe, I am starting to appreciate action of service. 

Like when friends showed concern by wanting to share my load. It makes me feel so much better. Even if at the end of the day, I still take it upon myself. 

Everyday while I walked into my bedroom, staring at the loads of clothes that are waiting for me to iron. I just had to ignore and pretend that it isn’t there. 

I was telling WL that maybe he could help me with ironing of clothes. And he just hahaha away… I was secretly hoping that he will actually offer his help a way or another. 

Now I know why I get so mesmerised over guys who do housework 😂 especially ironing of clothes. 

Well well well……good night! 


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