Teeth Whitening @ Lush

Have been wanted to do a teeth bleaching again but decided to give teeth whitening at lush aesthetics a try. After reading online blogs and reviews, it seems their product is quite effective. And so I booked an appointment with them. 

Upon arriving, I was asked to make the payment first ($188 before gst) but was told that they would give me a receipt after the session. 

Thereafter, I was being brought into a consultation room. Ahar! That’s where it all started – sales. First, the staff checked the original shades of my teeth and document it down on the form. Then she started selling me more treatment. Basically it is an advanced pearl treatment which can achieved 8-12 shades lighter in a session and is more lasting. 

The advanced pearl treament will cost me $400 more (before gst). She then proceeded to show me pictures of how it has proven to be effective in other customers. 

My objective at lush aesthetics is only to see if their product is as effective as what I can achieved from visiting a dentist. 

I was almost going to fall into getting a $600 advanced pearl whitening treatment and thats when the staff spill one cup of water over me and my hand written notes for my tuesday’s quiz!!! 

Ok! This is it! My mind is all on my crumpled and wet notes and the mood totally ruined. Seriously ruined. So, very sorry lush aesthetics, that cup of water on me and my notes are giving me a red light. Procedures start with the application of lip balm followed by wearing a mouth guard. Then, applying of gum protector before the non-peroxide gel on the teeth. The LED was shining on my teeth for 2 cycles of 25 mins. And tada! No filter. 

The same lady brought me into the consultation room again, checked the shades and told me that it is whitened by 8 shades. OK, 8 shades is really not a lot whiter. Again, she wanted to sell me student packages as maintenance. I did some calculation and decided against it. 

Benefits of teeth whitening at lush aesthetics:

1) 8 shades per session is indeed true. Good for coffee drinker like myself. 

2) Non-peroxide treatment doesn’t cause any pain or sensitivity at all. 

Now that I am not a first timer at the clinic, I no longer entitled to promotional rates, not even for maintenance treatments. Hence, I guess I will not be going back there. 

However, if you are interested, do quote my mobile number or N00556. 


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