2nd Anniversary 

Time flies and we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary with a different status. It’s two in a row, we had Japanese Cuisine for Anniversary. This year, we had it at Fat Cow. WL said I commented that it is difficult to order chinese dishes for two and he added saying we just had western on the proposal night. Hahaha…I didn’t know steak is the only thing related to western cuisine. 😅

We had complimentary dessert from the restaurant and I love it. We took a wefie. QC-ed and told him we should do it again. 

His arm out again, with my instruction: left arm leave the table, sit straight, head straight, hold your home tilt towards us, angle it a little downwards….Yes! That’s a photo of us. 

Of cos, nothing beats having a photo taken by a 3rd party. Today was the last day of school and I had a stack of readings to do before the 7pm class. 😪 Rushed to school right after lunch. 

The bf see me board my bus and waved. I messaged him and said I thought he would board the bus with me and sent me to buona vista since it is his day off. 

He said he only thought of it after I boarded the bus. 

Hah…that’s the automatic reaction for not requiring to have a habit of sending me home after our every meet up. 

Friends did ask why I never insist in asking him to send me home. I just thought this kind of thing is a 心意 which can’t be forced. 


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