Semester ended!

Yesh! It is finally the day of our very last paper of the semester. The dreadful wait for the 5pm paper is really torturous. Just want to get it over and done with! 

We said thank you, took some photos and left the hall for celebratory dinner! Haha! And 弟 went MIA.Uploaded non-filtered photos of us! A bit too dark 😂 

We took a bus to Clementi for dinner before heading for our next activity, be it home, marketing or hiak hiak hiak. 

It’s been a long time since I had such sinful food – Laksa! So a selfie must be taken. I was surprised to see somewhat like a dimple on my face. Seriously don’t know how it came about. And a photo of us with lots of food! There’s another plate of carrot cake that came after this dinner. After dinner, 弟 & I went for a disney movie. Moana at WE Cinema. We were both very tired after the movie. Hahaha! School life…


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