Birthday – Date with CnP

Can I say I love them first?!!! OMG!!! I have always been saying that this group of friends is my best supporter ever. Even though we weren’t as close as a decade ago, but they are always there. Always! 

I was out with the karaoke gang in the afternoon for teo heng at star vista. And right after ktv, I had to rush to meet carousell buyer to sell my bm800 studio microphone. I was very embarrassed that I had to run off first. 

Then I met Dear Girl at train station for our birthday dinner date. But when we reached the dining place – The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook at Alexandra Central, Dear Girl just walk in like she knows where to go. I hurriedly followed her at the back and then I saw the ktv gang! 

My first reaction is to roll my eyes. I rolled my eyes at them but I was actually rolling at myself for getting “cheated” again. Haha! I am getting too much of such thing recently. Please forgive me.

I am really happy that they were all there. Really. It was an awesome night. I enjoyed myself alot.

Eat, a lot, we did.I had salted beef sandwich. I was contemplating between pulled pork burger and salted beef sandwich. CH Mama’s Fish & Chips as always. Large slice and very fresh!! Everyone loves it. Some of them tried the “must-try” – lobster meat & hae-bi-hiam pastas. We ended with their last tiramisu. A wefie before going to Park Hotel Alexandra for a drink at Aqua Luna. At hotel lobby.An urge to do a selfie on the pool chair which reminded me of my bintan trip. And this is tthe behind thte scene. 打灯!Birthday Celebration with my dearest CnP! Eat & Drink!!! Cheers!!! Haha! Under low light, really not so nice. But its our only group photos. So still loved it. 

I wished I was drunk 😂 I am too sober, too rational and too logical. Hahahaha 😝 


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