December – Date with Bros

Everyone agreed to a dinner gathering because it is just days from my birthday. To accommodate the working adults, we had our dinner at plaza singapura at 7pm. 

But the supposedly busier one, less likely to come on time or may not be able to turn up, actually reached half an hour before 7pm. Hahaha! 太给我面子了!真的好感激哦!

Even 大哥 who postponed our meeting time at JE, came earlier so that I don’t have to wait. Hahaha! 太给面子了!

And 弟 also, said he might be late but reach half an hour earlier?! Hahaha!! We had dinner at seorae! Meat and more meat! Opps! Photos taken when 弟 went up to GV to get our movie tickets. 弟太好笑了!He said he was laughing deep inside so he couldn’t control his smile. So his smile kinda look awkward. LOL! Felt so bad for Jim. Should have asked him to stand nearer to us. *I didn’t realise it* To hide my fat thighs, the best way to do it is to take a wefie instead.

After dinner, they allowed me to go john little to shop for my cabin luggage. 弟 bought some stuff and kept it inside my luggage. So 大哥 & 弟 took turn to handle my cabin luggage. We had desserts after dinner. Got our drinks before going for the movie. 

Haha! I think 1/4 of the time, 大哥 was asleep sitting beside me. He said I shocked him when I knocked him awake. Opps! 

All four of us managed to get onto the last train back home! ✌🏻️ 


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