Birthday – Date with W Hotel

Dad won a lucky draw: A 2D1N stay at W Hotel, Sentosa Cove with Breakfast for 2 at The Kitchen Table. I have the honour to use the hotel voucher. Initially wanted to have it on my actual birthday date, but there is no vacancy or maybe I am not allowed to book on a friday. I had no choice but to use it on a Sunday.

Unfortunately, W Hotel only had shuttle bus services during weekdays, and we had to cab in on weekends. Feeling excited much, I checked-in with WL shortly after 3pm. img_2648Did you see that super size hotel voucher?! img_2560We are entitled to a 2D1N stay in their Spectacular Room. The size of the room is almost half the size of a 4-Room BTO Flat. The moment I walked through the door, the mega size toilet caught my attention. Like a kid in the playground, I climbed through the sliding door dividing the bath tub and the bedroom area.

We settled down, and put our bags to a side. Then we started our long hours of heart-to-heart-talk. We finally had some quality time spent talking about us. Yes, like finally, after 2 years. We were both very calm, there isn’t much expression or reaction, which I am not sure whether is it good or bad? Like how much have we absorbed? And how much have we yet again, avoided & ignored?

We agreed to try for coming months. So let’s just hope that the coming months would be much different. Then, we will talk again when we had to. img_2645 img_2574 img_2581 img_2562 img_2603 img_2601img_2555 img_2569 img_2596We were prepared to head out to take photos along the quayside isle but it started to rain very heavily. Stuck in the room, I eat chips, drink moscato and watch movies on TV while waiting for the girls to come pay me a visit! img_2647 img_2650Thank You Tai Ma, Dear Girl & Chloe for spicing up the night ^_^


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