Birthday – Date with 大哥

大哥 said he had to give me a treat cos’ we ended up splitting the bills the other night we met up with everyone else. So, I agreed to take up his treat since it is December, it is my month of celebration, and I am open to accepting any appointments if it fits my schedule. Haha!

This time round, 大哥 said 6pm is ok, though the other day he said 6pm might be a little too rush. Cannot make the birthday girl wait, so everyone seems very worried! Haha! So, I made it on time and 大哥 made it slightly earlier. Can tell that he really did rush down. Cos’ the moment I reached, he asked for a tissue paper to wipe his head/face. Opps!

We went to Novena for Korean BBQ. The moment we stepped in, we said OMG! We are going to smell like BBQ on our way home. Many rounds of meat, we had, before tackling the prawns.

Ahhh…大哥 took quite nice photos of me. Tada! Minus the fact that my pullover is messy but I quite like these 2 photos. img_2678Staring at the meat to make sure nobody takes them away from me! Haha!

大哥 asked if I want prawns. I said I want but my only condition is that I don’t have to peel them. And…img_2657大哥 had to then peel it for me. But I am very very surprised that he can peel the prawns with fork and spoon so easily. Very easily. So I kept staring at the fork and the spoon. I don’t think I can do it that swiftly as how he did it.

Other photos taken while on our way back to the west. 大哥, another user of BeautyCam! That explained my flawless fair skin. LOL!img_2668 img_2663 img_2670Thanks for the dinner treat!


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