Christmas with CnP

A year later, we gathered at the same place for our Christmas Party. This time round, with steamboat pot instead of potluck. Cannot help it but to start eating immediately after arriving at qxqy’s place. We did our part cooking food too. Cake cutting for christmas! Food eaten. Cake eaten. Now chips & drinks. 


Birthday – Date with W Hotel

Dad won a lucky draw: A 2D1N stay at W Hotel, Sentosa Cove with Breakfast for 2 at The Kitchen Table. I have the honour to use the hotel voucher. Initially wanted to have it on my actual birthday date, but there is no vacancy or maybe I am not allowed to book on a friday. I had no choice but to use it on a Sunday.

Unfortunately, W Hotel only had shuttle bus services during weekdays, and we had to cab in on weekends. Feeling excited much, I checked-in with WL shortly after 3pm. img_2648Did you see that super size hotel voucher?! img_2560We are entitled to a 2D1N stay in their Spectacular Room. The size of the room is almost half the size of a 4-Room BTO Flat. The moment I walked through the door, the mega size toilet caught my attention. Like a kid in the playground, I climbed through the sliding door dividing the bath tub and the bedroom area.

We settled down, and put our bags to a side. Then we started our long hours of heart-to-heart-talk. We finally had some quality time spent talking about us. Yes, like finally, after 2 years. We were both very calm, there isn’t much expression or reaction, which I am not sure whether is it good or bad? Like how much have we absorbed? And how much have we yet again, avoided & ignored?

We agreed to try for coming months. So let’s just hope that the coming months would be much different. Then, we will talk again when we had to. img_2645 img_2574 img_2581 img_2562 img_2603 img_2601img_2555 img_2569 img_2596We were prepared to head out to take photos along the quayside isle but it started to rain very heavily. Stuck in the room, I eat chips, drink moscato and watch movies on TV while waiting for the girls to come pay me a visit! img_2647 img_2650Thank You Tai Ma, Dear Girl & Chloe for spicing up the night ^_^

Birthday – Date with CnP

Can I say I love them first?!!! OMG!!! I have always been saying that this group of friends is my best supporter ever. Even though we weren’t as close as a decade ago, but they are always there. Always! 

I was out with the karaoke gang in the afternoon for teo heng at star vista. And right after ktv, I had to rush to meet carousell buyer to sell my bm800 studio microphone. I was very embarrassed that I had to run off first. 

Then I met Dear Girl at train station for our birthday dinner date. But when we reached the dining place – The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook at Alexandra Central, Dear Girl just walk in like she knows where to go. I hurriedly followed her at the back and then I saw the ktv gang! 

My first reaction is to roll my eyes. I rolled my eyes at them but I was actually rolling at myself for getting “cheated” again. Haha! I am getting too much of such thing recently. Please forgive me.

I am really happy that they were all there. Really. It was an awesome night. I enjoyed myself alot.

Eat, a lot, we did.I had salted beef sandwich. I was contemplating between pulled pork burger and salted beef sandwich. CH Mama’s Fish & Chips as always. Large slice and very fresh!! Everyone loves it. Some of them tried the “must-try” – lobster meat & hae-bi-hiam pastas. We ended with their last tiramisu. A wefie before going to Park Hotel Alexandra for a drink at Aqua Luna. At hotel lobby.An urge to do a selfie on the pool chair which reminded me of my bintan trip. And this is tthe behind thte scene. 打灯!Birthday Celebration with my dearest CnP! Eat & Drink!!! Cheers!!! Haha! Under low light, really not so nice. But its our only group photos. So still loved it. 

I wished I was drunk 😂 I am too sober, too rational and too logical. Hahahaha 😝 

Birthday – Date with YH

A date with Yan Hui! Long awaited! 

Met her at noon, and we started off with shopping. I wanted to get some stuff from metro but we went to dfs to check out the prices first. To ensure value-for-money 👍🏻 

After walking dfs, we had lunch at omakase burger chain at wisma before continuing our shopping. After lunch, we walked to 313. Grabbed a drink before my shopping at centrepoint. I bought just 4 products but it costs me enough for me to be entitled to a luggage with just a $10 top up. After my shopping, we continue our walk towards plaza singapura. We walked non-stop to digest our meal and drinks. It’s really very filling. Our dinner at Coco Ichibanya. My L5 versus her L1 curry 😬 I am a chili padi!!! 

I almost finished those rice 😱 We then bought starbucks before heading home by bus. YH introduced me to a new drink – Matcha Espresso Fushion! Best of both world! Totally love it 😍 

Busses outside plaza singapura were all quite packed. So we walked back towards somerset (earlier busstops) to board our bus. 

I had an enjoyable day out with YH! I haven’t had such relaxing day, not worrying about anything, just eat, drink and talk! Love you 😘 

1st Class

My first ever 1st class boarding pass! Haha!

Alrights, this is a wedding invitation specially designed by the groom. It reminds me of attending a company dinner and dance / an annual group dinner that also provided us a boarding pass as the entrance ticket. 

Very innovative, indeed! 

Wishing QX and her soon-to-be husband, David, a blissful marriage life ahead. 一定要幸福快乐!



Butter Cake n Cream

Celebrated YanHui’s Birthday at ButterCake n’ Cream. It is a cozy cafe at Sunset Way (Clementi). That’s when your friends are all Westerners, you get to visit places in the West for Dinner! 

We sat there waiting for more to come for quite awhile before we order our food. 

This was mine! Grilled Salmon with Rosti and Roes! Color difference between photos because I had to brighten the one that my face is in (if not it would just be a black patch). 

There’s a few mains that we had: 

Fish Burger.


Teriyaki Chicken. One of the must-eat at the Cafe.

Pork Chop with Sausage! One of the best! Pork tasted like taiwan sausage!!! 

There’s some sides and colorful drinks. Soup and Cheesy Fries.

Rainbow lemonade – Nice to see, not nice to drink.

After Dinner, we had a Cake Cutting Session. Special candles lighting up….

Sparkling candles made the birthday girl happy and flustered!!! 

Happy Birthday Girl, Happy Us!