Birthday – Date with CnP

Can I say I love them first?!!! OMG!!! I have always been saying that this group of friends is my best supporter ever. Even though we weren’t as close as a decade ago, but they are always there. Always! 

I was out with the karaoke gang in the afternoon for teo heng at star vista. And right after ktv, I had to rush to meet carousell buyer to sell my bm800 studio microphone. I was very embarrassed that I had to run off first. 

Then I met Dear Girl at train station for our birthday dinner date. But when we reached the dining place – The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook at Alexandra Central, Dear Girl just walk in like she knows where to go. I hurriedly followed her at the back and then I saw the ktv gang! 

My first reaction is to roll my eyes. I rolled my eyes at them but I was actually rolling at myself for getting “cheated” again. Haha! I am getting too much of such thing recently. Please forgive me.

I am really happy that they were all there. Really. It was an awesome night. I enjoyed myself alot.

Eat, a lot, we did.I had salted beef sandwich. I was contemplating between pulled pork burger and salted beef sandwich. CH Mama’s Fish & Chips as always. Large slice and very fresh!! Everyone loves it. Some of them tried the “must-try” – lobster meat & hae-bi-hiam pastas. We ended with their last tiramisu. A wefie before going to Park Hotel Alexandra for a drink at Aqua Luna. At hotel lobby.An urge to do a selfie on the pool chair which reminded me of my bintan trip. And this is tthe behind thte scene. 打灯!Birthday Celebration with my dearest CnP! Eat & Drink!!! Cheers!!! Haha! Under low light, really not so nice. But its our only group photos. So still loved it. 

I wished I was drunk 😂 I am too sober, too rational and too logical. Hahahaha 😝 


Birthday – Date with YH

A date with Yan Hui! Long awaited! 

Met her at noon, and we started off with shopping. I wanted to get some stuff from metro but we went to dfs to check out the prices first. To ensure value-for-money 👍🏻 

After walking dfs, we had lunch at omakase burger chain at wisma before continuing our shopping. After lunch, we walked to 313. Grabbed a drink before my shopping at centrepoint. I bought just 4 products but it costs me enough for me to be entitled to a luggage with just a $10 top up. After my shopping, we continue our walk towards plaza singapura. We walked non-stop to digest our meal and drinks. It’s really very filling. Our dinner at Coco Ichibanya. My L5 versus her L1 curry 😬 I am a chili padi!!! 

I almost finished those rice 😱 We then bought starbucks before heading home by bus. YH introduced me to a new drink – Matcha Espresso Fushion! Best of both world! Totally love it 😍 

Busses outside plaza singapura were all quite packed. So we walked back towards somerset (earlier busstops) to board our bus. 

I had an enjoyable day out with YH! I haven’t had such relaxing day, not worrying about anything, just eat, drink and talk! Love you 😘 

Process of Growing Fat

This is a 伟律把我养肥的日记…… And that means Food!!! It’s a DIY Waffles with Ice Cream at Tuk Tuk (Jurong Point). We got the Matcha and Chocolate Waffles with Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream. Sweet treat to brighten up my lousy week. That’s WL and the waffles. His skin is so good, no filter is required. But for me, heavy filter is needed to cover my bare face (after facial) and tired looking face. Photo taken using beauty camera is scary. 

That was last sunday. And what about this week? Lunch at two blur guys! I finished everything on my plate and the dessert. 怎能不肥呢?I felt so guilty when I saw plates with two pieces of buns left behind by female customers. And I finished mine 😂 

Foodie Wednesday

Wednesday is the designated day for me to meet up with the boyfriend for a meal. Now that I have lesson in the evening, it seems like it is a better alternative for me to travel down to have lunch with him instead of him rushing down for dinner. 

And we had vietnamese food today! 

I was looking through the menu and was excited over seeing the word “bun cha”. Haha it is not what I am looking for but still very nice! That’s our lunch. My bun cha and his beef pho. 

PHO 99 Vietnamese Delight @ Amoy St. 

Very packed during lunch time but the turn over is fast. Food was served very fast as well. So no problem with staying in the queue and you will be done in less than an hour. 

Issho Izakaya

The bf said he has gotten some vouchers to Issho Izakaya, and so despite the distant (for me), we have decided to go try it out.

Issho Izakaya is located in Kallang Wave Mall which is located at Stadium MRT Station (Circle Line). A Japanese restaurant with quite a goof variety of food.

It was a Wednesday, and the restaurant had their man’s day promotion whereby the table with a man can get a 30% discount off your bill and the beer is going at a discounted rate as well. *I vaguely remembered it was $1 for the 2nd bottle and onwards.

WL’s has a voucher which entitles us to a 50% off a $100 Bill. After much deliberation, we decided to use his voucher instead of getting the in-house promotion. $100 seems a lot at first but it is just nice to fill our entire table for 2. img_9141 img_9142 img_9145 img_9146 img_9153All these worth $100.50 in total. I simply love my waygu beef served chilled and the crunchy Kawahagi Yaki. Not forgetting the Sashimi! The bf had Chirashi Don as his main and shared all the side dishes.

Totally pampered for the day.

The person who served us, feifei hana, is a cheerful and chatty young lady. She made recommendation and gave us her opinions. Helped us with the photo and complimented me. Good to have such an extrovert staff brightening up the atmosphere. img_9172 img_9173

Botak Jones

I was telling CX that a classmate of mine reminded me of him and so I contacted him to say Hi! After saying Hi, we can’t simply leave it as that right? So we met up for lunch the very next day. Just so happen our schedule allows the impromptuness. Or maybe he accommodated my schedule?! HAHA! As always…

We couldn’t decide where and what to eat. After him suggesting some places and me planning the lunch into my schedule, I decided to bring him to Botak Jones at Clementi.

Botak Jones, a place where I first went, back in my university day. They used to have good reputation, serving nice cajun chicken with nice chunky fries. After almost a decade, the cajun chicken is still juicy and nice but the fries no longer chunky.

But, it is still worth a visit. For the cajun chicken. I had mine, breast meat. Tada! And that’s us.img_8974 img_8976

Day 7 – Namiseom Island

I am back to Namiseom Island, in a different season, with a different person, and that makes it a different experience all in all.

Going to Namiseom Island isn’t at all difficult by public transport but it definitely took us quite a bit of time. First of all, we took their subway from where we are staying (Apgujeong Station) to Gapyeong Station along the Gyeongchun Line. That is more than an hour ride on the subway.

Upon reaching Gapyeong Station, unlike what I did in 2013, Sis and I took a taxi to the Nami Island Ferry Terminal instead of hopping onto the 6,000Won Shuttle Bus. It is advisable to only make use of their Shuttle Bus Services if you are visiting more than 1 destination/attraction along the serviced route. Taxi costs us less than 4,000Won/trip. IMG_7625 IMG_7626Upon reaching, we are surrounded by tons of tourists and locals. It is, one word, noisy. IMG_7627We proceeded to buy our Ferry & Entrance Ticket to Namiseom Island. IMG_7628 IMG_7629And we are on board! IMG_7630We took a photo out in the sun before hiding indoor. IMG_7635Didn’t managed to take a photo at the Entrance as there were simply too many people obstructing views. Here’s our 1st photo in Namiseom Island with a Christmas Tree. I was wondering why is it a Christmas Tree when it is JULY. IMG_7637 IMG_7638 IMG_7639 IMG_7640 IMG_7642 IMG_7643 IMG_7645 IMG_7647We took some photos before entering the more-exciting places of Namiseom Island.IMG_7651 IMG_7653 IMG_7657 IMG_7661 IMG_7668 IMG_7664 IMG_7669 IMG_7671 IMG_7665 IMG_7673 IMG_7674 IMG_7675 IMG_7676 IMG_7679 IMG_7682 IMG_7684 IMG_7685 IMG_7687 IMG_7689 IMG_7698 IMG_7700 IMG_7709 IMG_7711 IMG_7714 IMG_7720 IMG_7721 IMG_7725 IMG_7726 IMG_7728 IMG_7731 IMG_7737 IMG_7740Done with some touring and settled for our lunch. IMG_7744 IMG_7745 IMG_7747 IMG_7748 IMG_7751 IMG_7754 IMG_7756Our tuna bento rice and kimchi pancake. Its yummy! IMG_7758 IMG_7759 IMG_7760Really in need of Ice Cream to save us! IMG_7766 IMG_7767 IMG_7768 IMG_7772 IMG_7773 IMG_7774 IMG_7775 IMG_7776Yeah! We managed to get some photos taken at the Entrance before going back to main land.

And it is another long travel back to Seoul Shopping district – Myeongdong. Our last day of shopping to finish all our Korean Won. It started drizzling after some shopping and so we hide into a BBQ Place for Dinner. It is quite a famous BBQ Place. Dinner MenuMe at DinnerIMG_7791Satisfied with our Dinner and continue with more shopping. We have already buy enough of cosmetics and got nowhere else to spend our money. So we decided to buy more tidbits as sovenirs. Managed to find an underground mart selling Korean Tidbits but it is at a higher price as compared to Lotte Mart. Well, what to do??? Haha!

After leaving the mart, my last stop is at OST to buy watches! Went home with bags of buys and started packing out luggages! Packed a total of 4 luggages (2 of my own and 2 of sis’s). That’s the problem you faced travelling with a baby sis who don’t have the skill of packing luggage.