Influential Me 

Haha! The moment I said I have dyed my hair on my own, 弟弟 said he also wants to do it. The day after I went school in my dyed hair, 弟弟 can’t wait and dyed his hair the very next day. Haha! 姐姐 & 弟弟 with their hair dyed! 

We did a We-fie and he still can’t smile properly. And he said he looks like a butch in this photo 😂 


LTA DnD 2016

LTa DnD 2016 falls on a Friday in my Recess Break. Despite my super duper busy schedule, I managed to attend and really do enjoy myself. 

For any seconds and minutes that I am awake and not spent on my assignments gets my heart racing. Chris really do understood how I felt. He was considering giving the dinner a miss even though he had registered and will be paying for it. Our stressful life 😂 

I spent quite a bit of time in the day trying to ease my swollen eyes for the night. Spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to thong my hair. Failed attempt but at least it is not too flat. 

We were walking down the reception hall towards a photo booth right at the end. Along the way, someone called my name and I stopped. I looked at him and he looked at me. Knowing that I don’t recognised him in his head gear, he detached the velcro revealing his face. Ahhhh….So cute! Couldn’t help it but to take the first photo of the night. Bloop bloop bloop. We took a photo before the rest arrived. One overly dressed and one super under dressed. LOL! Chris, our life guard for the day. He was telling me that he has gotten his bronze medallion during university days. I am really surprised! I have always wanted to get it too but when I have finally reached the required age, it wasn’t on my mind anymore. Here are nicer photos taken under good lightings. Oh! Someone is missing! Steph Chang werent there when we are taking our table photo with Mr Fun. 

After dinner, we went to Spize for Milo & Teh! Left the place pretty late into the wee hours! 

Cost Control Family

Just to “save” a photo in my blog, and here I am, posting a photo of the cost control family (not full). 

Photo taken after the end of our in-house training! 

Up on stage, our new DCL, ex DCL, Thomas DDCL and many of the civil colleagues! They are mostly the organising team and me being the extra haha! 

Last Day of Work

Temporarily, my last day of work before I embarked on my road to torturous or maybe stressful studies. Still, it would be a good opportunity to learn and re-learn companied by a good 9-months break away from work. 

My team and Anna got me a bag of goodies with a hand-written card! Love them 😘 Items that I am supposed to use and go school prettier each day. 

Friends treated us (It is also Christopher’s farewell) to lunch and a celebratory cake. 

It is a day of laughters! Farewell celebration + no-gap-day celebration!!! Why a no-gap-day?? 

Back then when Chris was still attached, he is very conscious about going out with us for just a meal. And, he would stand far apart from us during photo-taking that he could be cropped out of the photo. 

But now that his status is different, we demanded a no-gap-day! 

Back in office, we had a cake-cutting session! Yummy ice cream cake! 

Some funny moments: 

And some normal ones: 

Beacon Ceremony

The undergraduates scholars were tasked to perform a short skit and dance for the audience while the rest of us were seated down enjoying those moments. 

Ceremony a short one with much networking sessions. 

Yeah! We managed to take a photo with the guest of honour. Was overwhelmed when he said I look familiar and that we met before. 

TWE Depot

Managed to arrange a site visit to TWE Depot, one of my projects, right before I take a break from work. 

Standing at the bus interchange with Adeline (1st from the left), hangyu (3rd from the left) and our boss, thomas (1st from the right).