Birthday – Date with 大哥

大哥 said he had to give me a treat cos’ we ended up splitting the bills the other night we met up with everyone else. So, I agreed to take up his treat since it is December, it is my month of celebration, and I am open to accepting any appointments if it fits my schedule. Haha!

This time round, 大哥 said 6pm is ok, though the other day he said 6pm might be a little too rush. Cannot make the birthday girl wait, so everyone seems very worried! Haha! So, I made it on time and 大哥 made it slightly earlier. Can tell that he really did rush down. Cos’ the moment I reached, he asked for a tissue paper to wipe his head/face. Opps!

We went to Novena for Korean BBQ. The moment we stepped in, we said OMG! We are going to smell like BBQ on our way home. Many rounds of meat, we had, before tackling the prawns.

Ahhh…大哥 took quite nice photos of me. Tada! Minus the fact that my pullover is messy but I quite like these 2 photos. img_2678Staring at the meat to make sure nobody takes them away from me! Haha!

大哥 asked if I want prawns. I said I want but my only condition is that I don’t have to peel them. And…img_2657大哥 had to then peel it for me. But I am very very surprised that he can peel the prawns with fork and spoon so easily. Very easily. So I kept staring at the fork and the spoon. I don’t think I can do it that swiftly as how he did it.

Other photos taken while on our way back to the west. 大哥, another user of BeautyCam! That explained my flawless fair skin. LOL!img_2668 img_2663 img_2670Thanks for the dinner treat!


December – Date with Bros

Everyone agreed to a dinner gathering because it is just days from my birthday. To accommodate the working adults, we had our dinner at plaza singapura at 7pm. 

But the supposedly busier one, less likely to come on time or may not be able to turn up, actually reached half an hour before 7pm. Hahaha! 太给我面子了!真的好感激哦!

Even 大哥 who postponed our meeting time at JE, came earlier so that I don’t have to wait. Hahaha! 太给面子了!

And 弟 also, said he might be late but reach half an hour earlier?! Hahaha!! We had dinner at seorae! Meat and more meat! Opps! Photos taken when 弟 went up to GV to get our movie tickets. 弟太好笑了!He said he was laughing deep inside so he couldn’t control his smile. So his smile kinda look awkward. LOL! Felt so bad for Jim. Should have asked him to stand nearer to us. *I didn’t realise it* To hide my fat thighs, the best way to do it is to take a wefie instead.

After dinner, they allowed me to go john little to shop for my cabin luggage. 弟 bought some stuff and kept it inside my luggage. So 大哥 & 弟 took turn to handle my cabin luggage. We had desserts after dinner. Got our drinks before going for the movie. 

Haha! I think 1/4 of the time, 大哥 was asleep sitting beside me. He said I shocked him when I knocked him awake. Opps! 

All four of us managed to get onto the last train back home! ✌🏻️ 

Secret Shoppers

Am I supposed to blog about it? Since it’s completed almost a week ago, I think it should be fine right? 

Haha! It was fun! Going into 5 different shops and just be any other regular shoppers: Doing shopping, asking questions and trying products. Why use my phone to take photo, you may ask. Cos’ his phone is in recording mode. I was tiptoeing to reach that level. Didn’t know I am that short! 

Shopping trip with 弟 followed by a thank you dinner. 

3D2N @ Bintan Lagoon

It’s finally our long awaited vacation; just me with my 3 bros: Dom, Chris & Henry. It’s a rather early morning for all of us, having to reach tanah merah mrt station at 730am and hoping to reach the ferry terminal by 8am for our 9.10am ferry. We had about 40 minutes to get ourselves into the departure gate and I thought it would be sufficient. But looking at the speed of custom clearance, it really got me worried. Us with 4 different nationality passport ☺️

My baggage was with Dom and he took the left queue while I queued with Chris & Henry at the right. We managed to enter the departure hall a few minutes before 9.10pm but Dom didn’t make it in time. Luckily he checked with the officer and was told that the ferry will wait for everyone before departing. So we stood at the berth waiting for Dom and for my baggage 😂 And we reached an hour after departing! Cleared the custom and took the bintan lagoon shuttle bus to the resort. You know what, it is really awesome to have henry who is an indonesian and dominick who can speak fluent malay to be around for this trip. They can do all the communication, effectively and efficiently for us. 

We had about 2 hours before getting our villa, so we went around checking out the resort. Saw this very cute banana signage and wanted them to take a photo with it. Chris 弟 although don’t feel like taking, still obeyed. 😂 And we managed to do many rounds of jump shoots at the beach, simply because there’s a lot of failed trials. We laughed and felt so tired having to keep jumping. Our 1st trial. Our 2nd trial – still on the ground! Our 3rd trial and onwards: it’s either someone is not in the air or that they are all outside the frame. Then, Chris suggested for us to do a L.O.V.E. Dom said I shouldn’t open my legs for V and so we had to take it again. Our LOVE 🙆🏻 

We took a walk down the beach and around the resort before making our way back to the lobby. 

Receptionist said our villa is ready and we decided to quickly checked into it and have our lunch! The moment the guys entered the villa, they went around the entire place – don’t know what they are busy with! Hahaha! And after unpacking all the goodies we brought over. It is that much!!! I exclaimed at the amount of junks we had on the table. This trip going to get me fatter. My mandatory shoot of my split. Long table top 👍🏻 I’m sorry 大哥! Getting you LOL-ed by my friends. 

After lunch, we slacked around on the sofa (living room has got high ceiling!!!) watching tv while chris went to take a power nap. Then we changed up and head out. Every villa has got a buggy for us to travel around the resort. Haha and I didn’t get to drive but it’s ok. Always feels good to be driven! 

I wanted a photo of myself with the buggy but I was whining that photos taken sitting down gonna be fat. Somehow the photo above taken by 大哥 doesn’t makes me look fat. 👍🏻大哥 said taking photo all by himself feels weird and so we joined him.I was complaining that I will look fat taking this sit-down-kinda photo. 大哥 said I won’t look fat sitting by his side! And guess what?! He is so right!!! Finally I feel less fat. First ride on the buggy drove by Chris 弟. Yeah! And we are off to the leisure centre. Where Dom & Henry left for Billard games while Chris & I went to soak in the water. HTHT Time. 

The Billard gang had three rounds of games before walking over to the pool. We then left for the beach for water and waves. 大哥 picks a lot of shells and caught us two mini crabs! Chris was very wowed by him. Wahahaha! Shells for dinner! Only Dom ate them 🙊 大哥 headed straight into our toilet instead of using their master bedroom toilet, and so Chris went to “bully” him. 真可怜……

After washing up, the guys started to prepare for BBQ (Dom’s responsibility) and our Dinner (Henry cooked) while I just hang around waiting to be well fed. No photos of our pasta because we kinda eat in the dark outside our villa before heading back into our villa. After Dinner, we played heart attack and watched football games while waiting for later hours of the night to come by. Slacking after dinner!!!It is super funny seeing how Dom & Chris keep getting stacks of cards. Dom lost and had to do 20 push ups supervised by our very fit, Chris! LOL! 20 standard push ups 👏🏻👏🏻 It’s a painful game. 

We decided to head out to explore the resort and ended in the pub within the resort. We stepped in and saw live band singing to just a couple in it. It is that 冷清! We still got to drive the buggy back to villa so we had to be sober. Just a couple of beers for the guys, a margarita for me and ended off with a tequila shots before heading back to “party” in our villa. Chris brought a super good speaker and played all his favourite songs. Haha! Two of them went back to villa to get more money to pay bills while I waited at the pub. Nice pink lighting 😊 I was thinking if I had to sing to an empty room, it is really quite sad. The live band people came to thank us for coming. ✌🏻️ Low light photography, bad quality but worth a keep as memories. That’s about the things we do on Day 1. 

Day 2 @ Bintan

We woke up at around 730am (Indonesia Time), washed up and went for our buffet breakfast at the main lobby. Didn’t had much appetite from bloated stomach and constipation. Luckily we decided to rest in the villa till lunch before going out to treasure bay.  I got to laze around to soothe my tummy. 

Henry made us yummy food for lunch! This is our main, and served with coleslaw and corn soup. Henry told us it is made with 3 slices of bread and I was like “Oh! I am done with lunch!” After taking a few bites. Haha! Well, I finished them! Our burger came with an egg, creamy spinach, a slice of chicken meat topped with a slice of cheese (we got it from the breakfast buffet). 

Right after lunch, the guys started clearing up. Wahahahaha 🙊 Ok! I am not that princessy ok. I did washing last night and some other meals we had in the villa (tonight’s dinner). 

After lunch, we head back to the lobby to get a taxi to treasure bay. Having to wait for half an hour, we just lazed around. The hanging egg chair! This is super comfy!!! Thanks to 弟 for voluntarily said I should take a photo with it. Haha! Nice! I really love it love it! As you can see, I am not prepared for the photos. It’s all candid, well taken ones. 大哥 said it’s a nice attire and I should wear it to Bali. 😊 Hello Treasure Bay!!! This is very funny! Three guys putting sunblock while I didn’t 🙊 Should have put some to prevent getting sun spots! 

We swam around before going for stand-up paddle. We didn’t want to spend more money so we just topup another $30,000 for Chris to go for the stand-up paddle. And while waiting:-After washing up, we got the massage place to give us a ride to the nearby town with hawker. Because it is just $2 😂 Convenient shop ladyboss said they drink this for bloated stomach and so we bought a packet. 

We then went to buy two packet of rice for dinner (no photos taken). Went back to treasure bay and saw this big piece of mirror and Chris said we should take wefie with it! Haha! The reason for doing a collage can be seen in above. First photo — Dom made me adjust my position — Third photo looking slimmer 😂 We went for massage but mine is not very well done. Don’t feel shiok 😔 After massage, our resort came to pick us up (we paid for return trip). 

We went back to villa, washed up and had dinner. Star gazing at the beach pretty awesome. Lots of star meteor 😍 

Day 3 @ Bintan

It’s checking out day. As usual, woke up around the same time, washed up and head out for breakfast. A picture of our villa before we head out for breakfast. 

After breakfast, we packed up and rest in the villa while Henry prepare sushi for our lunch.We checked out at 12pm and had to wait for an hour. At lobby for an hour 😂 Eat & Chit Chat. Thanks Guys!!! For doing the washing up, cooking and preparing meals, driving the buggy and carrying my baggage!!! 

That’s the end of our short trip to Bintan 😊 Time to stay at home and detox. 

Semester ended!

Yesh! It is finally the day of our very last paper of the semester. The dreadful wait for the 5pm paper is really torturous. Just want to get it over and done with! 

We said thank you, took some photos and left the hall for celebratory dinner! Haha! And 弟 went MIA.Uploaded non-filtered photos of us! A bit too dark 😂 

We took a bus to Clementi for dinner before heading for our next activity, be it home, marketing or hiak hiak hiak. 

It’s been a long time since I had such sinful food – Laksa! So a selfie must be taken. I was surprised to see somewhat like a dimple on my face. Seriously don’t know how it came about. And a photo of us with lots of food! There’s another plate of carrot cake that came after this dinner. After dinner, 弟 & I went for a disney movie. Moana at WE Cinema. We were both very tired after the movie. Hahaha! School life…