BIM Group

The day, our BIM Group Assignment is due for submission. I cannot describe how dreadful it is having to leave it to supposedly 2 experts – our true blue architects, who are either to busy to bother or too engulfed by his own modelling. Project structure not set, discussion (other then the model) not done, directions not given. With so much constraints put on us when modelling ain’t done on the software that other group members are using, and ever not-ready model until submission day. It is just dreadful! 

But since it is all over for the time being, let’s just celebrate. From the left: Dominick 大哥, Jim, Myself, Chris 小弟, HanJoon Oppa & Henry. I’m bad at wefie without having myself look good in it. 

Sunday, and in school?!

It’s a bad choice to be in school on a sunday, because you only had McDonald and no other options. 

I felt less guilty to eat McDonald with 弟. Keeping himself in check, he also avoid taking the bread and took out the skin of McSpicy Chicken partially. That makes me feel more legit doing it as well 😂 Busy rushing BIM Group Assignment with my 哥 & 弟。

1st Assignment Done!

Today is the first deadline we had. The most intensive one and the tightest timeframe of all. About 1 month duration with 6 parts to the assignments. We generated 100 pages report not inclusive of appendixes. We handed in the thickest report. 

Group project, being a group effort, there’s lots of woes that can’t be expressed. I have the luxury of being a full time student so it seems like I am in no position to whine or complain. 

Let’s just keep it as that. 



Dyeing my own hair

I’ve made plan to cut my hair soon and so decided to give it some colour treatment! Bought the liese bubble foam hair dye; the color recommended by bro and do it right away on the same day; late at night! 

This is the photo right after the dye. I was quite sad that I totally lost touch with using liese and I ended up neglecting the lower half of my hair. End product = lighter top and darker bottom. My only console is that I will be chopping my hair off very soon. And then I did a before and after makeup selfie on the very next day with daylighting. Haha! Very 自恋 I know 🙈 

Went to meet WL for lunch and he said I look nice with the hair colour. 

Also, Chris said “好看啊” the moment he sees me in school!!! Dom also said he thinks it’s nice after me sending them this photo below: Low productivity = Cannot smile properly. 

Where all my assignments are not completed but due soon. And the most depressing module of all – BIM is killing me. Really! No head or tail. No direction. No vision. No structure. So many constraints. No progress. 

It is simply just too depressing. Another one before I continue with typing my BEP 😖 

After just awhile of working on the laptop, I folded my legs and rest my aching head. Got caught in action!!! And Chris said 姐姐倒下了……

After placing my head on the table for split second, I popped back up wanting to ask a question. Caught him taking photo. And the next moment, he just pushed my head back down to snap that photo successfully 😏