Dinner at Saveur

A table wefie before starting our dinner course. Yeah! Considered quite a good strength. 


*Ching & JW Bdae

The PFM Gang met up to celebrate Jiawei & *Ching’s birthday!! Unfortunately I couldn’t go cos of my injured foot!! But here’s some of the photos that they have taken!

They had dinner at Naughty Nuri @ Capitol. It was recommended by Jia Wei after having it in Bali! 

According to *Ching, the food is pretty good! 

-*Make a mental note: I must go try it some day*-

They went for dessert at dazzling cafe for their 2nd round!!! The Dazzling Cafe was originated from Taiwan! The fat and thick toast is supposedly their best seller. 

Personally I have tried and tasted. It is not something that I would go back for. Toast is dry and hard. You will probably just indulge in the ice-cream and fruits filling, leaving the toast untouched. 

SH’s Birthday

The PFM Gang gathered at Paragon for Peking Duck!   

  Group photos of the day!!! Not full stregth but we still had a good day 😆
We left the restaurant and went Starbucks to meet Simon (WJ’s husband). Took the opportunity to get SH a slice of cake. Starbucks doesn’t have candle and so we BORROWED from a lil boy’s parents (Starbucks’s customer who is celebrating birthday too).

Once again, Happy Birthday to Seo Hoon !!! 😘😘😘