Christmas with BF

We had dinner at Naughty Nuri and dessert at Gelare. 


Birthday – Date with W Hotel

Dad won a lucky draw: A 2D1N stay at W Hotel, Sentosa Cove with Breakfast for 2 at The Kitchen Table. I have the honour to use the hotel voucher. Initially wanted to have it on my actual birthday date, but there is no vacancy or maybe I am not allowed to book on a friday. I had no choice but to use it on a Sunday.

Unfortunately, W Hotel only had shuttle bus services during weekdays, and we had to cab in on weekends. Feeling excited much, I checked-in with WL shortly after 3pm. img_2648Did you see that super size hotel voucher?! img_2560We are entitled to a 2D1N stay in their Spectacular Room. The size of the room is almost half the size of a 4-Room BTO Flat. The moment I walked through the door, the mega size toilet caught my attention. Like a kid in the playground, I climbed through the sliding door dividing the bath tub and the bedroom area.

We settled down, and put our bags to a side. Then we started our long hours of heart-to-heart-talk. We finally had some quality time spent talking about us. Yes, like finally, after 2 years. We were both very calm, there isn’t much expression or reaction, which I am not sure whether is it good or bad? Like how much have we absorbed? And how much have we yet again, avoided & ignored?

We agreed to try for coming months. So let’s just hope that the coming months would be much different. Then, we will talk again when we had to. img_2645 img_2574 img_2581 img_2562 img_2603 img_2601img_2555 img_2569 img_2596We were prepared to head out to take photos along the quayside isle but it started to rain very heavily. Stuck in the room, I eat chips, drink moscato and watch movies on TV while waiting for the girls to come pay me a visit! img_2647 img_2650Thank You Tai Ma, Dear Girl & Chloe for spicing up the night ^_^

Birthday – Date with BF

Dear Girl drove me to Science Centre to meet the bf after our brunch. Unfortunately, my platform shoes broke apart the moment I got off her car. I tried my luck asking her to come back and to drive me to the nearby mall. She came back for me ^_^

BF walked me to Charles & Keith to get my new flats before making our way back to Science Centre for the Avengers Station Exhibition. I’m not a fan of Avengers, in general. But, I am in love with Iron Man. Every girl has a hero in her heart, and Iron Man, is that hero in my heart. That also got to do with Robert Downey Jr playing the role with much charisma. (And guess what, I like Loki instead of Thor! – Because of Tom Hiddleston.)img_2272After entering the exhibition hall, we can connect to their free wifi, download the mobile app for the whole journey. There are lessons to go through and quiz to do. At the end of the day, you will can print your certificate. *Note: Printing of the certificate is not free of charge. So, you may probably skipped downloding the mobile app and enjoy the exhibits. combined_xqhulk combined_wlhulkWe had some pictures with hulk’s palm. I basically scanned through all other member of avengers and looking forward to entering the hall of Iron Man! img_2311e img_2313e img_2317e img_2391My hero is in the cabinet >.< img_2443 img_2444 img_2440 img_2442And some photos of us together: img_2446 img_2445I was instagramming while waiting for WL to try out flying simulation, which looks as if he is doing tai-chi. I wonder if the long queue is worth waiting for?!

After Science Centre, we walked to Jurong East. Had a slice of Lady M, Original Milicrepe Cake before Dinner at Brotzeit. img_2450 img_2447We ordered the platter which is sufficient for 2-4 person and the both of us finished the entire platter. Overdosed of meat for the day.

I got flowers! Erm…not sure what flower is that, but yea, some pink flowers. And also another expensive bag from the man.

WL is leaving…

The bf is going to be away for a month of exchange in london! I would say it is the right time to be away while I have no time for him. 

Had a dinner with him and his parents at the airport. It’s been a really long time since I met them and the first thing the mum said is “吃多一点,你很瘦!” She told me to eat more because I am skinny. 😅

I think I should slim down further. 

Here’s some photos with no filters.And before saying goodbye: Photos by his mum. 

Should have ask him to tuck the shirt in nicely. 

2nd Anniversary 

Time flies and we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary with a different status. It’s two in a row, we had Japanese Cuisine for Anniversary. This year, we had it at Fat Cow. WL said I commented that it is difficult to order chinese dishes for two and he added saying we just had western on the proposal night. Hahaha…I didn’t know steak is the only thing related to western cuisine. 😅

We had complimentary dessert from the restaurant and I love it. We took a wefie. QC-ed and told him we should do it again. 

His arm out again, with my instruction: left arm leave the table, sit straight, head straight, hold your home tilt towards us, angle it a little downwards….Yes! That’s a photo of us. 

Of cos, nothing beats having a photo taken by a 3rd party. Today was the last day of school and I had a stack of readings to do before the 7pm class. 😪 Rushed to school right after lunch. 

The bf see me board my bus and waved. I messaged him and said I thought he would board the bus with me and sent me to buona vista since it is his day off. 

He said he only thought of it after I boarded the bus. 

Hah…that’s the automatic reaction for not requiring to have a habit of sending me home after our every meet up. 

Friends did ask why I never insist in asking him to send me home. I just thought this kind of thing is a 心意 which can’t be forced. 

The Proposal

I am being proposed to, on this very date (30 October 2016). This marks the beginning of the next phase of our relationship. Status change but everything else remains. Deep down, I do hope for us to grow.

Rule 5 of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. 

Practice effective listening. 

Keep reminded: It is not what you say but how you say it.

Often in time, what you really meant and what you had in mind were negatively expressed in the manner that causes misunderstanding.

Well, enough of hoping for us to grow. Let me get down to the topic of the proposal.

I agreed to *Ching to join her in the staycation despite having an exam a day after the end of the staycation. I was quite stress having to agree to the staycation admist my piling assignment and upcoming quiz. And I gave her options of changing the room booking if her fiancé really couldn’t make it for the staycation with her.

I was planning the things that I could do and have to do and almost brought along my laptop, which I decided to just leave it at home due to the weight. However I brought along my notes for the upcoming quiz.

Along the way to the hotel, I was studiously reading my notes instead of going on social platforms. *Ching dropped me a message asking where am I. I told her I am on the way but told her I really couldn’t enjoy with all the burden that I had on me.

Upon reaching, she brought me up to the room, opened the door and said “Surprise”! I was like whoaaa “did Jon tell the hotel that you guys are celebrating some occasion”? Cos, that’s what WL did when we first go Malacca together and the hotel prepared us a fruit platter and a decorated bed. *Ching said “No! It’s for you”…”for me”?

She then get a go-pro and started filming while asking me to read all the cards hanging down the balloons. After reading the 1st card, I knew it is going to be a proposal day and thought out loud “is today a special date?”.

After reading those cards, we moved on to the walls of photos. I am supposed to look at the photos before going to the sofa to watch some videos. (I think the songs chosen can be improved….not very classy) I am obediently following *Ching’s instruction. Heh heh…I was told to learn how not to spoil plans by exposing it blatantly. So I didn’t do anything out of their control/plans for the day.

I sat down and started laughing at his clumsiness and got annoyed by his self-compliment, surprised by his friends appearance and very touched by my friends’ involvement.

Then the bf walked out from behind, and shakingly kneel down in front of me (he has been emphasising that he got problem with kneeling and squatting). Music playing at the background is very disruptive while having to hear what the bf is mumbling.

I asked if he is going to say something sweet and touching to me and do a better job than my friends in the video. He said yes, he is going to. But, he actually calms me down with his speech, instead of making me cry more than ever.

The only regret that I had, after being clear of some of my other criteria, is not teaching him what to say in a proposal. Cos’ I thought that should not go wrong. Haha! So guys, in a proposal, the lady is probably waiting to hear how important she is to you, how much you wanted her in your life and how you wanted to take care of her and create a future together.

Presenting to me a bouquet of roses and with the bf kneeling a bit too near to the sofa that I am sitting on, I had a problem looking at the ring and his gestures hidden underneath the roses.

Nodded and gotten my ring.

His friends and YanHui walked into the room with more balloons. Standing there awkwardly makes me extra awkward. Hahaha. Oh! And there’s more balloons behind the curtain which was revealed after the proposal. What’s the exact plan like, I am really unsure of.

Photos time! 

With my friends: 

With his friends: 

Some photos I had of the room: 

My favourite photo of the day: 

We went to Opus for a luxurious dinner. 

Had a bottle of red wine and ended with a really bad headache but apart from that, everything else is yummy! 

The night after the proposal, we had to clear our room while waiting for breakfast time. 

Our life could have been cuter. We walked over to wild honey for our english breakfast. One last photo before checking out. And a photo of me with the kitty balloon before it burst while exposed to the air draft generated by the vehicular traffic.