Hanoi with *Ching (3)

Waking up with this kinda scenery!

Simple breakfast. 
And after breakfast, we had to take the small boat to kayaking place.
After kayaking, we had to check out from our Royal Cruise to get onto another boat that will be sending us to Cat Ba Island. 

But just before we get to Cat Ba Island, we stopped by this “Bangalow” (Huts-Looking Bangalow) for Lunch and most of the people are going to stay there for a night (without wifi and entertainment). 

After lunch, we took a mini boat to Cat Ba Island! 

That’s a similar bost that we are on excluding the all-round-protection which we don’t have. 

Along the way, there are many floating villages. 

Along the way, *Ching and I suffered quite a fair bit. From the cold air and splashing water that got us drenched! 


A driver came to fetch us in his 7-seater to our Hotel. We were just glad that at least there are some shops and wifi in hotel! Powerful wifi! 

After some walking, we chilled at some cafe. 

Then we continued to walk aimlessly round the small small town (unable to roam too far on foot). 

Visited their local wet market and bought pineapple at just SGD1 for one whole small pineapple!!! ​

Happen to chance upon the transporting of chicken and duck on this super duper dusty bus, as tho it has not had a bath for thousand over years! 

Some “sight” seeing before we buy local products and back to hotel for dinner and rest! 

The food provided by the hotel for us is actually not bad! It is like a 8-course chinese banquet! Not forgetting the super fresh squid that we had.