Birthday – Date with YH

A date with Yan Hui! Long awaited! 

Met her at noon, and we started off with shopping. I wanted to get some stuff from metro but we went to dfs to check out the prices first. To ensure value-for-money 👍🏻 

After walking dfs, we had lunch at omakase burger chain at wisma before continuing our shopping. After lunch, we walked to 313. Grabbed a drink before my shopping at centrepoint. I bought just 4 products but it costs me enough for me to be entitled to a luggage with just a $10 top up. After my shopping, we continue our walk towards plaza singapura. We walked non-stop to digest our meal and drinks. It’s really very filling. Our dinner at Coco Ichibanya. My L5 versus her L1 curry 😬 I am a chili padi!!! 

I almost finished those rice 😱 We then bought starbucks before heading home by bus. YH introduced me to a new drink – Matcha Espresso Fushion! Best of both world! Totally love it 😍 

Busses outside plaza singapura were all quite packed. So we walked back towards somerset (earlier busstops) to board our bus. 

I had an enjoyable day out with YH! I haven’t had such relaxing day, not worrying about anything, just eat, drink and talk! Love you 😘 


Coco Ichibanya

Wednesday is our date night and I suggested Coco Ichibanya to WL! Being ill makes me feel like eating sinful food. 

We order fried rice omelette with pork cutlet. Both of us, challenging Level 4 spicy level! 

The first mouth got me a little worried as it was really hot. It kind of heat up my stomach a little but that’s about it. The more I eat, the less spicy it is.

Our conclusion is that Level 5 shouldn’t be an issue to both of us. 

For your information, Level 5 is the spiciest level in Coco Ichibanya. 

Look out for my post on challenging the Level 5!